Princess Liv is a bedazzling world champion, expert pasta maker and musical artist hailing from New York. Her music sounds like a fever dream where a femme Tame Impala and regular Amy Winehouse ask Justin Timberlake to have a threesome during the creation of “Justified,” and then in the dream Lady Gaga delivers them a pizza randomly.

Liv got her musical start singing in school choir - when she was in high school and finally old enough for a fake ID, she began sitting in at late-night jazz jam sessions in Manhattan. Eventually she moved to Los Angeles and began touring and performing on keyboards and background vocals with artists such as Unusual Demont, Mike Taveira, Lily Meola, and legacy act Engelbert Humperdinck. She writes and produces her own music and has released several music video collaborations, most recently for her last single “Wasting Daylight” and before that for her EP “SPACE DREAMS.”

“Wasting Daylight,” Liv’s latest release, is a love song about wasting time with her now ex-boyfriend. It’s still a good song, though. Her debut EP “SPACE DREAMS” was a sonic and visual exploration of the subconscious, and a collaboration with artist and producer KOZ, and was featured in EUPHORIA magazine as well as on playlists such as Spotify’s Fresh Finds and R&B Nation.